Welcome to a World of Solutions!

5 Adar 1, 5779

The survivor of a life-threatening medical situation, I invested what I knew as a Health Information Management professional and as a medical journalist into my recovery efforts.

I made medical history along the way.

Follow this blog and buy the book that it’s about in order to learn how you or someone important to you can better face the future, and maybe even get your grin back!

Feel better with the soothing content plus the Global Resources section of The It’s MY Crisis and I’ll Cry if I Need to: EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge print and E- book. You’ll learn what to say to, and how to cope with rude relatives, medical personnel, nosy neighbors and so much more.

Need a good cry and feeling shy because you’re a guy? This book has you covered!

Wondering how to get a modest medical gown, into a clinical research program, or the medication and medical equipment that you need?

The Global Resources section clues you in to worldwide charitable organizations willing to pay part or all of your specific medical bills! Some of them will even provide the modest medical gown, medicine and medical equipment that you seek.

Get your grin back with humorous comments, soothing insights, and lots of sympathy.  There’s a reason that clergy of different faiths, medical and mental health professionals recommend this book on and off the cover. Click on http://tinyurl.com/mycrisis-book.  

This blog will alert you to developments in the medical and mental health worlds. Cutting-edge care and compassion are what the book and blog are about.

Questions? We’ll get to them pretty soon. Write them down and I’ll let you know how to reach me.

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